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  • Full name: Geunsik Lim (GS Lim)
  • Home: 36, Dongtanwoncheon-ro 915beon-gil, Youngtong-gu, Suwon-si, South Korea
  • Nick name: chiphead (like geek), invain (to no purpose, aimlessly)
  • E-mail : leemgs.at.gmail.com
  • Gtalker (Hangout) : leemgs.at.gmail.com
  • ICQ : 46455794
  • EDAS identifier : 743415
  • IEEE identifier : 92541846
  • EasyChair identifier : leemgs
  • Skype : geunsik.lim
  • Blog : http://blog.naver.com/invain
  • Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/leemgs
  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/leemgs
  • Google+ : https://plus.google.com/111621762953759064005/
  • Google Scholar Citations: http://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=Oy8m5Z8AAAAJ
  • DBLP Computer Science Biblliography: https://dblp.org/pers/hd/l/Lim:Geunsik
  • Community(Fedora) : http://leemgs.fedorapeople.org/
  • Community(Kandroid): http://www.kandroid.org/
  • HomePage(restricted area): http://invain.mooo.com 
        : Turn-on perioid for power saving: 07:30 ~ 23:30 (Seoul time, KST)
  • HomePage(open area): https://leemgs.github.io
  • Linkedin(en): http://kr.linkedin.com/in/leemgs

  • Bio: Geunsik Lim has been working on system software for various embedded devices at Samsung Electronics. Recently, He has been working on Linux kernel for Tizen OS scheduled to be released by the end of this year. Besides, He is a key member of Kandroid.org, which is the largest institute specialized in Android promotion in Korea. Previously, he participated in Ottawa Linux Symposium (OLS), linux.conf.au (LCA), and IEEE conferences as a speaker and a session chair for open source ecosystem. Prior to that, He had engaged in UNIX/Linux core of advanced technology R&D work. He has various experiences of system software of mobile phones, tablets, DTVs, camcorders, and printers. He has founded Gitstat open source project, which is a web based statistics and monitoring system for git. He has contributed to many open source projects such as Linux, GCC, Glibc, Android, and Tizen. He enjoys spending his time both solving software problems and trying to promote the adoption of Linux kernel and open source software for commercial embedded devices.
  • Affiliation: Samsung Electronics (Suwon city, South Korea)

  • [International Journals]

     Geunsik Lim, Donghwa Lee, and Sang-bum Suh, "Cloud-Based Content Synchronization Method for Collaborative Learning Environment," International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning (iJAC), Invitation Paper, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 24-30, Mar. 2015

     Geunsik Lim, Changwoo Min, and Young Ik Eom, "Virtual memory partitioning for enhancing application performance in mobile devices," IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics (SCI Core), (Acceptance Rate:13%), issue 4, vol. 59, pp. 786-794, Nov. 2013

    [International Conferences]

     Geunsik Lim, MyungJoo Ham, Jijoong Moon, Wook Song, Sangjung Woo, and Sewon Oh, "TAOS-CI: Lightweight & Modular Continuous Integration System for Edge Computing," 37th IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE), Las Vegas, USA, Jan. 2019. (Accepted)

     Geunsik Lim and MyungJoo Ham, "BB: Booting Booster for Consumer Electronics with Modern OS," The European Conference on Computer Systems (EuroSys), London, UK, Apr. 2016.

     Geunsik Lim and MyungJoo Ham, "Faster Booting in Consumer Electronics," USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC), Practitioner Talk and Poster, Santa Clara city, CA, USA, Jul. 2015.

     Geunsik Lim, Jae-young Hwang, Kyungmin Park, and Sang-Bum Suh, "Enhancing Init Scheme for Improving Bootup Time in Mobile Devices," IEEE International Conference on Mobile Computing and Ubiquitous Networking (ICMU),Session Chair, Hakodate City, Hokkaido, Japan, Jan. 2015. Accepted (Acceptance Rate:28%)

     Geunsik Lim, Downghwa Lee, and Sang-Bum Suh, "Cloud-Based Content Cooperation System to Assist Collaborative Learning Environment," IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE), Session Chair, Wellington, New Zealand, Dec. 2014. Accepted (Acceptance Rate:34%)

     Geunsik Lim and Sang-Bum Suh, "User-Level memory scheduler for optimizing application performance in NUMA-based multicore systems," IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Service Science (IEEE ICSESS), Beijing, China, Jun. 2014. (Acceptance Rate: 27%)

     Geunsik Lim, Minho Lee, R.J.W.E. Lahaye, and Young Ik Eom, "Distributed compilation system for high-speed software build processes," IEEE International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing (BigComp), Bangkok, Thailand, Jan. 2014.

     Geunsik Lim, Young Ik Eom, "Accelerating software compilation using HTCondor and Distcc," Linux Conference on Australia (LCA), "Developer, Testing, Release and CI Automation" Miniconference, Perth, Australia, Jan. 2014.

     Geunsik Lim, Changwoo Min, and Young Ik Eom, "User-aware power management for mobile devices," IEEE Global Conference on Consumer Electronics (GCCE), Tokyo, Japan, Oct. 2013.

     Geunsik Lim, Changwoo Min, and Young Ik Eom, "Enhancing application performance by memory partitioning in Android platforms," 31st IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE), Las Vegas, USA, Jan. 2013.

     Geunsik Lim, Changwoo Min, and Young Ik Eom, "Optimized lightweight thread framework for mobile devices," 3rd International Conference of Institution of Engineering and Technology [IET] Brunei Darussalam, Brunei, Sep. 2012.

     Geunsik Lim, Changwoo Min, and Young Ik Eom, "Load-balancing for improving user responsiveness on multicore-based embedded systems," 14th Linux Symposium (OLS), Ottawa, Canada, Jul. 2012.

     Geunsik Lim, Hyun-Jin Choi, Sang-Bum Suh, "NPTL Optimization for Lightweight Embedded Devices", 13th Linux Symposium (OLS), Ottawa, Canada, Jun-13-2011

     Geunsik Lim, Jupyung Lee, Sangbum Suh, "Deploying Preemptible Linux in the Latest Samsung Camcorder", 12th Linux Symposium (OLS), Ottawa, Canada, Jul-13-2010

     Geunsik Lim, "Android Platform on S3C6410 board", 3G Mobile Phone Design Conference, Simcheon/Hongkong, China, 2009

     Geunsik Lim, "Android Platform on X86 Netbook", Beijing Asia Pacific Android Conference (APAC), Beijing, China, 2009

     Geunsik Lim, "Android Platform on X86 Netbook", Shanghai Asia Pacific Android Conference (APAC), 2009, Shanghai, China

     Geunsik Lim, "Mobile Experience with Linux (Android Internals and Prototype on S3c6410)", Linux Conference on Australia (LCA),Mobile Miniconference, Tasmania, Australia, Jan. 2009.

     Geunsik Lim, "Linux-Based Open Mobile Platform: Android features and Enhancement", International Symposium on Embedded Technology (ISET), Daegu, Korea, 2008

    [Domestic Journals]

     Geunsik Lim, Changwoo Min, and Young Ik Eom, "Resource management framework for improving thread performance on mobile platform," The Journal of Communications of the Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers (J-KIISE) : Computer Systems and Theory, vol. 40, issue 5, Oct. 2013. ISSN 1229-683X.

     Geunsik Lim, Seho Lee, and Young Ik Eom, "Task parallelism system of application for multicore-based mobile platform," The Journal of Korea Information and Communications Society (J-KICS), vol.38, issue 6, May 2013. ISSBN: 1226-4717.

    [Domestic Conferences]

     Geunsik Lim and Young Ik Eom, "UNAS: User-space NUMA-aware scheduler for optimizing memory utilization and performance," Proc. of KICS Winter Conference, Jan. 2014.

     Geunsik Lim, Taehun Kim, R.J.W.E. Lahaye, and Young Ik Eom, "HTCondor-based distributed compiler network," Proc. of KIISE Fall Conference, Excellent Paper Award, Nov. 2013.

     Geunsik Lim, Keonwoo Kim, and Young Ik Eom, "Notrace32-based real-time remote debugging method for optimization of mobile OS," Proc. of KICS Summer Conference, Jun. 2013.

     Geunsik Lim, Changwoo Min, and Young Ik Eom, "Dynamic thread scheduling framework for improving user responsiveness," Proc. of KIISE Korea Computer Congress, Jun. 2013.

     Geunsik Lim, Younghyun Joo, and Young Ik Eom, "CoCloud: Revision control based collaborative cloud system for contents cooperation," Proc. of KICS Joint Conference on Communications and Information, May 2013.

     Geunsik Lim, Seho Lee, and Young Ik Eom, "BioMP: Migrating OpenMP into Bionic library for Android platform based on ARM multicore," Proc. of KICS Winter Conference, Excellent Paper Award, Jan. 2013.

     Geunsik Lim, Keonwoo Kim, and Young Ik Eom, "Notrace32: Tracing technology to analyze kernel of Android platform in real-time," Proc. of KIISE Summer Workshop on Computer Communications, Information Network Society, Aug. 2012.

     Geunsik Lim "Android Platform Internals", 3rd CELF Korea Technical Jamboree, 2008, Seoul, Korea

     Geunsik Lim "Opensource Business Model and Android Platform", KIPA (Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency), 2008, Seoul, Korea

    [Domestic Android Conferences]

     Geunsik Lim "Task parallelism with KTC & Bionic/OpenMP for Multicore-Based Android", 11th Korea Android Conference, 2013, www.kandroid.org

     Geunsik Lim "Multicore-Based Memory Issues and Development Tips on ICS", Samsung Developer Day 2012 (Galaxy S III), Samsung Electronics, Seoul, Korea

     Geunsik Lim "Solving memory leak to avoid LMK operation of Android applications: Valgrind on ARM", 9th Korea Android Conference, 2012, www.kandroid.org

     Geunsik Lim "Issues that smart device platform developers must know", Smart Device Developer Conf, KOSTA(Korea Software Technology Association)/MDS Technology, Seoul, Korea, 2011

     Geunsik Lim "Android Kernel Debugging : Ftrace", 8th Korea Android Conference, 2011, www.kandroid.org

     Geunsik Lim "Android Network and Enhancement", 7th Korea Android Conference, 2011, www.kandroid.org

     Geunsik Lim "Chrome WebOS Based on Cloud Computing", 6th Korea Android Conference, 2010, www.kandroid.org

     Geunsik Lim "Optimization Android Performance with GCC Compiler", 5th Korea Android Conference, 2010, www.kandroid.org

     Geunsik Lim "Prelink and Preload Based Zygote Analysis", 4th Korea Android Conference, 2009, www.kandroid.org

     Geunsik Lim "Understanding repo to manage android full sources", 3rd Korea Android Conference, 2009, www.kandroid.org

     Geunsik Lim "Android Porting and Understanding Development Process", 2nd Korea Android Conference, 2008, www.kandroid.org

     Geunsik Lim "Linux Based Android Kernel Issues", 1st Korea Android Conference, 2008, www.kandroid.org

    [Patents (Applied): Since 2010]

     Geunsik Lim, "Enhancing application performance with virtual memory partitioning technique", 2013

     Geunsik Lim, "Operation Zone Based SMP Scheduler for Effective Task Migration on Multicore Systems", 2012

     Geunsik Lim, Myung-June Jung, Sang-Bum Suh, Sung-Min Lee, "Apparatus and method for snapshot image segmentation", Application number 13/105,007, US 2012/0101996

     Geunsik Lim, "Apparatus and method for managing memory in consideration of user response time", European Patent Application EP2386957, EP20110165602, Publication Date 11/16/2011

     Geunsik Lim, Sang-bum Suh, Ju-pyung Lee, "Apparatus and method for managing memory", United States Patent Application 20110283080, Publication Date 11/17/2011

    [Acknowledgements Related Papers]

     Paul E. McKenney, "When Do Real Time Systems Need Multiple CPUs?", IBM Linux Technology Center, Real Time Linux Workshops 2010, Oct-24-2010


     Samsung Best Paper Award from SAIT of Samsung Electronics, "BB: Booting Booster for Consumer Electronics with Modern OS," Gold Award, Seoul, KR, Nov-28-2016

     IEEE CE Chester Sall Award from IEEE Consumer Electronics(CE) Society, "Virtual memory partitioning for enhancing application performance in mobile devices," 1st Place Best Paper, Lasvegas, US, Jan-11-2016

     Excellent Research Award from ICC of Sungkyunkwan University, "Excellent Research Paper for 2013 year", 2014

     Product Innovation Award from SAIT Director of Samsung Electronics, "Deploying the Full-HD Camcorder with Realtime Linux", 2010

     Bravo Award from CEO of Samsung Electronics, "Linux-Based DTV Enhancement and Deployment (VxWorks-to-Linux migration)", 2007


     Oracle Certified Professional 9i (OCP 9i Administrator)

     Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

     Driver License 1st Class (Road Traffic Authority Driver's License Examination Office)

     Linux Master 1st Class (Korea Association for ICT Promotion)

     Engineer Information Processing (Human Resources Development Service of Korea)

    [Military Service]

     Army 7273 Troop - Infantry Branch (26 months)


     IEEE Membership 2012 ~

     IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Membership 2012 ~

     IEEE Communications Society Membership 2013 ~

     BBB Korea Volunteer Interpreter 2010 ~

     Samsung Electronics Software Membership 1999 ~ 2002

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